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Finding the right person for the right position and company is a process just like any other. Momentum Search focuses in three main areas for helping you find the right fit, the first time.


The process begins by taking a detailed search assignment that goes beyond a job description and skillset. We focus on not only the requisite skills required but equally as important, the culture, leadership, chemistry, future initiatives and many other tangible and intangible qualities to ensure the candidate fits your organization. This ensures that the candidates we present meet not only the professional needs that you have but also fit in perfectly with the goals and vision of the company. There is nothing fancy about identifying the right people. That just comes down to hard work and knowing the market. We take a great pride in putting in the work, narrowing the field and identifying the right candidates.


When working with the top professionals in their respective industries, it takes a rare skillset to be able to get a candidates attention in a very short time frame. That is where years of experience and a track record of success is most valuable when choosing which search firm to partner with. We have done this at a high level for a long time. Candidates are busy but if contacted by the right person at the right time, they are always willing to listen. We can present your opportunity with the message that accurately describes the story you want to tell, which would include how great of organization you have and how great of opportunity you have to offer but so much more. Traditional hiring processes focus on matching jobs with skills. Momentum Search focuses on matching people with people. When the right people come together that is when great things can be achieved. The power of relationships and trust can deliver your message more powerfully than an advertisement or job description ever could. There is so much more to your organization, your position and your team….let us accurately share that message with the top candidates in the market place. We’ll narrow the field and you can make a quick and confident hiring decision. You focus on what you do best and we’ll focus on attracting the right candidates to your organization.


The final step in process, is possibly the most critical. In today’s world of counter offers and a fight for top talent with your competition, guiding candidates through the process of acceptance and resignation is critical. We will help ensure that a fair offer is accepted, guide those candidates through the resignation process and help ensure they never lose sight of the opportunity that is in front of them. Long after they have started, repeated follow ups and on-boarding help ensures everyone gets started on the right foot and prevents any breakdown in a highly emotional time for candidates and their families as they dive into a new chapter in their lives.

The Momentum Search Promise

Momentum Search’s focus is very simple. What is important you, is important to us. We don’t view recruitment as transactional. There is too much on the line for everyone involved. Finding the right fit isn’t a bonus it is the highest priority of every search we agree to take on. We do that by building sincere relationships with everyone we work with. When working with our clients and candidates is critical we understand more than just the company and job description or experience and a resume. We will ask more questions, talk to more candidates and dig deeper in the lives of those we work with to ensure a successful outcome. The right fit is all about people not descriptions or resumes. Who works well together and what environment allows growth and success. Challenges, growth, prosperity and appreciation….it’s what everyone wants. We have been cultivating relationships in the banking, accounting, and finance industries for over 10 years and have made hundreds of successful placements. We don’t fill jobs, we build companies and build careers.

Promise to our clients and what you can expect: Identify, Attract, Transition. There are a limited number of qualified candidates for every open position. We know where they are and how to find them. We will work hard to leave no stone unturned in our effort to share your story. After we have identified the right people, attracting them to your open position is what separates successful search firms. You can rely on our track record, years of experience and success in building trust and relationships. We have the network and the skills to attract the top talent in your industry. Finally, we our experts in the offer and transition stage. Never has there been a time where the fight for top talent was more evident. We will identify triggers beyond salary, help you negotiate a fair market offer and transition the candidate to your company. In a world of counter offers and hiring pitfalls, Momentum can help you navigate the process.

Promise to our candidates: Honesty, integrity and transparency. We promise to learn as much about you and your family as we can. Our focus is not only the current role we might be working on but your career track. We will focus on finding positions that meet your current needs but also provide opportunities for advancement and growth. You can rest assured the process will be confidential and professional. Your experience will be one that you’ll be happy refer regardless of outcome. Let us help you learn more about the market, fair compensation ranges, interviewing preparation, resignation tips and so much more.

What Can We Do For You?


We save both employers and candidates time by doing our due diligence and making sure the right people are filling the right positions.


We have years of experience interviewing clients. Our experience with interviewing tactics not only helps us find the best candidates, we also provide coaching for clients to get ready for upcoming interviews.


Employers we save you money by finding candidates who have the skills to fill your position on day one.


We have a large network of resources that we partner with to find the right people and the jobs to fit.